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Landscaping Tips from Local Greenfield Landscapers

Check out the most recent articles from Fralich's Landscape for landscaping tips and more from your local landscapers.

Better Prepare For The Growing Season

If you are at a loss as to what to do with your landscape in the spring, let the professionals at Fralich’s Landscape and 317Mulch-It help you with a few things you can do to better prepare for the growing season.… Read More

Time to Start Thinking About Snow Removal

Sure, this week's highs are in the 90's and the last thing that you can think about is cold weather, but it's coming. Just like last year and just like next year, winter will arrive this year and you will realize how ill-prepared you actually are. Savvy local Greenfield homeowners know that being prepared for the upcoming season is an important way to avoid problems. … Read More

Making the Most of Your Landscaping With a Paver Patio

The recent trend in the landscape industry is getting more people outside. Homeowners are adopting the ideas of neighborhoods of the past and spending more time in their yard with family and friends. One good way to provide an ample use of the outdoor space is with a well-planned patio or outdoor kitchen. The beauty of any hardscape is that it can be as simple or complex as you want … Read More

Top Tips for Residential Landscape Design Planning

landscape design greenfield inWhen planning for a landscape design for your home, a professional landscape designer might be what you need. A decent landscape designer is one that will work with you on a design from start to finish … Read More

Why Mulch Is Important For Your Plant Life & Landscaping

mulching greenfield inAs landscapers in Greenfield Indiana we love the diverseness in the landscaping around town. While each yard is different one thing remains the same. Mulch is a vital part of your landscape no matter the shape or size. If done correctly mulch can be a vital part of a healthy landscape … Read More

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